Interview with Dani Thompson

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This month on London Horror Movie Club Chris and I interviewed Scream Queen Dani Thompson. She’s been in more than fifty films- most of them horror – ranging from anthologies like Mosaic to modern werewolf features like Carnivore: Werewolf of London. She even has a doll of herself out for the upcoming film Videoshop Tales of Terror!

In addition to acting, Dani has also produced, directed, and written horror films, taking on all aspects of the genre, and gathered some amazing and surprising experiences along the way! Join Chris, Lauren, and Dani as they talk about her remarkable career, favourite horror films, ghost hunting, and a surreal experience that inspired one of her films!


There were so many things to talk about with Dani, it is hard to choose just one moment to highlight, but my top two would be learning about personalised vampire fangs and hearing about the unusual experience that inspired her to write Bad Moon Rising! I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed talking with her.

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