Behind the Scenes with “Rabbit”

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That’s a wrap!

I’ve been incredibly lucky to be a part of “Rabbit”, a segment in the 2024 anthology film Horrorscopes Vol 2. This was the second role in a film I was ever cast in, but because of the arrangement of film dates I had a few under my belt before filming the last day of Rabbit in the studio – and thank goodness I did, because there was no wild costumes, futuristic robots, or slices in my chest to spice up the scene. It was just myself, Tony Mardon, and a prop dead rabbit. (don’t worry, no animals were harmed; just a very talented special effects artist who built one from scratch).

In the end, I pushed over the nerves and I love the minimalism of the scene. It shows how much can be done with lighting and a very talented Director of Photography, Director, and crew. That was a wonderful lesson for me while filming. When I was acting the scene, I didn’t realise how different it looked through the camera lens. I thought we looked very realistic: sparse, simple, almost 1980s XTRO style realism. But on camera, the lighting turned us into a gritty CSI – visually stunning with dark shadows for dark thoughts.

I cannot even begin to tell you how beautiful this film is – genuinely visually stunning, but also the script is surreal and surprising. It’s indescribable, so you will have to see it when it comes out next year. I think that photo does justice to the intensity of the film, and also the magic dust that is making a movie.