Welcome to Horror Author Lauren Jane Barnett’s World!

In the tradition of “writing what you know,” Lauren Jane Barnett knows horror. This horror author writes fiction and non fiction, co-hosts The London Horror Movie Club  podcast and acts and works on indie horror films. From her beloved London, this writer invites you in to share in the strange and magical world of horror.

Her Creations:


Lauren is the proud author of Death Lines: Walking London’s Horror History, a unique walking guide that unveils London’s darkest secrets. She takes you to the very locations that have terrified audiences on the silver screen. As acclaimed author Kim Newman puts it, it’s “the London A to Z horror fans need.”

Before Death Lines came out, however, she was busy weaving fictional tales of terror. Her chilling stories have graced the pages of numerous magazines and anthologies (see the full list here). Among her best-known works are the award-winning and shortlisted stories, “The Fog” and “Error 404”.

Tune In to Terror:

For those who relish a good scare, Lauren shares her passion for London’s horror movies through the London Horror Movie Club podcast. Joining forces with her brother Chris, they offer a unique perspective on London-set horror films. But that’s not all – they dive even deeper into the underworld of indie horror, interviewing the creators who bring nightmares to life.

On the Silver Screen:

Surprisingly, all this writing has lead to an IMDB page! Thanks to the thriving indie film industry, Lauren gets to bring to life the genre she loves. Catch her on the big screen as she meets her doom in upcoming films like The Witches of the Sands and Videoshop Tales of Terror 2. Photos of her chilling on-screen moments have even graced the BBC.