London Horror Movie Club

If you follow me on Instagram or on Anchor you know I host the London Horror Movie Club! In this monthly 15-20 minute podcast I will introduce a new film from London’s unknown, unrivalled and most riveting horror films. Every film I choose highlights the darkest shadows of London and deserves its place on your horror playlist.

S1E10: 2010s – Attack the Block London Horror Movie Club

For the final episode of Season One, we watch the 2011 comedy-horror Attack the Block starring Jodie Whittaker and a pre-Star Wars John Boyega. In the film, a group of kids in a council block defend London from nearly-invisible aliens, who arrive hidden by the fireworks of Guy Fawkes night. This film is as much about aliens as it is about London, from the complex social realities of London Council Estates, the lovable and funny characters, and the remarkable shots around Vauxhall and Oval.
  1. S1E10: 2010s – Attack the Block
  2. S1E9: 2000s – The Last Horror Movie
  3. S1E8: 1990s – "Bram Stoker's Dracula"
  4. S1E7: 1980s – "Lifeforce"
  5. S1E6: 1970s – "The Medusa Touch"