London Horror Movie Club

Welcome to the London Horror Movie Club, a monthly podcast where we take a bite out of London’s weird, wonderful, and wild horror films, one movie at a time.

This podcast grew out of the work of horror author and London horror guide Lauren Jane Barnett, and from Season 3 she is joined by her brother to talk horror. Two siblings from two generations, living in two countries, talking about one thing they both love.

Chris is back as our permanent co-host and to welcome him we are talking about a favourite of his,  the Hughes Brothers' 2001 Jack the Ripper horror From Hell, starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham and a stellar supporting cast including Ian Holm and Robbie Coltrane.  The film is part of a long history of Ripper-inspired horror films going back to Hitchcok's 1927 The Lodger, and it is also based on Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's graphic novel of the same name.  With a stellar cast and an intricate plot, it's a film that is steeped in legend and wears it well, like a shadowy figure in the London night. 
  1. From Hell
  2. Day of the Triffids
  3. Full Circle
  4. Halloween Special: "Shaun of the Dead" w/ Chris
  5. S2E10: Trapped on the Underground

If you wish to listen on another platform the London Horror Movie Club is available on Stitcher, Anchor, Sound Cloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and many more.

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