London Horror Movie Club

Welcome to the London Horror Movie Club, a monthly podcast where we take a bite out of London’s weird, wonderful, and wild horror films, one movie at a time.

This podcast grew out of the work of horror author and London horror guide Lauren Jane Barnett, and from Season 3 she is joined by her brother to talk horror. Two siblings from two generations, living in two countries, talking about one thing they both love.

Behind the Film: Interviewing the team behind "The Foreboding" London Horror Movie Club

Join us this month for an interview with the team that produced, wrote, directed, filmed (and even acted in) the upcoming indie horror short "The Foreboding" – a twist on the classic teens-in-the-woods slasher. We sit done with Peter Tilley, Alex Staunton-Hill, and Kemal Yildirim to talk about their inspirations, the struggles and stories of making an indie film in six months, and the horror films that inspire them.
  1. Behind the Film: Interviewing the team behind "The Foreboding"
  2. Interview with Director Tom Lee Rutter
  3. Staging Fear: Interview with the team behind "Shock Horror"
  4. Interviewing Radical Director James Edward Newton
  5. Through the Lens of Horror: Interview with Andy Boothby

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