London Horror Movie Club

Welcome to the London Horror Movie Club, a monthly podcast where we take a bite out of London’s weird, wonderful, and wild horror films, one movie at a time. Each podcast is 15-20 minutes – perfect for quick listening on the go – where a single movie is used to explore a theme or idea and see what makes each film a part of London’s horror history and a film worth watching.

In Season One I plucked a film from each decade from 1920-2020. Season Two is all about terror on the London Underground:

S2E10: Trapped on the Underground London Horror Movie Club

For the final episode of Season 2 we look at a handful of other films where people are trapped in the underground; even if that isn't a main feature of the film.  This includes Godzilla-inspired horror Gorgo, Hammer classic Quatermass and the Pitt,  Tobe Hooper's space-vampire film Lifeforce, and the recent haunted horror Woman In Black II.  All these films draw on the very real-life threat of being trapped on the underground by evoking imagery and the experience of World War II. 
  1. S2E10: Trapped on the Underground
  2. S2E9: 28 Days Later
  3. S2E8: Tale of the Mummy
  4. S2E7: The Deaths of Ian Stone
  5. S2E6: American Werewolf in London

If you wish to listen on another platform the London Horror Movie Club is available on Anchor, Spotify and Apple Podcasts

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