London Horror Movie Club

If you follow me on Instagram or on Anchor you know I host the London Horror Movie Club! In this monthly 15-20 minute podcast I will introduce a new film from London’s unknown, unrivalled and most riveting horror films. Every film I choose highlights the darkest shadows of London and deserves its place on your horror playlist.

S1E7: 1980s – "Lifeforce" London Horror Movie Club

From the director of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Poltergeist" comes the truly unique and visually spectacular London horror "Lifeforce": a tale of spirit-sucking space vampires! Starring an all-star cast including Patrick Stewart, Matilda May, Steve Railsback, and Peter Firth.
  1. S1E7: 1980s – "Lifeforce"
  2. S1E6: 1970s – "The Medusa Touch"
  3. S1E5: 1960s – "Peeping Tom"
  4. S1E4: 1950s – "Horrors of the Black Museum"
  5. S1E3: 1940s – "The Lodger"