London Horror Movie Club

Welcome to the London Horror Movie Club, a monthly podcast where we take a bite out of London’s weird, wonderful, and wild horror films, one movie at a time.

This podcast grew out of the work of horror author and London horror guide Lauren Jane Barnett, and from Season 3 she is joined by her brother to talk horror. Two siblings from two generations, living in two countries, talking about one thing they both love.

Cockneys vs Zombies London Horror Movie Club

This month's movie is the 2012 "Cockneys vs Zombies" an East End/Shaun of the Dead/Bank Heist comedy mashup starring Alan Ford,  Matthias Hoene, Rasmus Hardiker. With some of the craziest kill scenes of any zombie movie, lots of heart, and a dash of social commentary, we had great fun watching this one! Join us to hear the best bits, the funniest lines, and if it taught us anything about how to survive (or not) a zombie apocalypse.
  1. Cockneys vs Zombies
  2. Alfred Hitchock's Frenzy
  3. Horror Chat With Tony Mardon
  4. Night of the Demon
  5. From Hell

If you wish to listen on another platform the London Horror Movie Club is available on Stitcher, Anchor, Sound Cloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and many more.

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