London Horror Movie Club

Welcome to the London Horror Movie Club, a monthly podcast where we take a bite out of London’s weird, wonderful, and wild horror films, one movie at a time. Each podcast is 15-20 minutes – perfect for quick listening on the go – where a single movie is used to explore a theme or idea and see what makes each film a part of London’s horror history and a film worth watching.

In Season One I plucked a film from each decade from 1920-2020. Season Two is all about terror on the London Underground:

S2E8: Tale of the Mummy London Horror Movie Club

For this episode, we go to Old Street Station in the 1998 horror Tale of the Mummy.  With a surprisingly star-studded cast (including Christopher Lee, Shelley Duvall, Gerard Butler, Sean Pertwee, Honor Blackman, and Michael Learner) this under-the-radar mummy movie is a wild and crazy ride. Archeologists discover the cursed tomb of the Egyptian ruler Talos precariously suspended over a pit of death. They bring Talos' cursed remains for display at the British Museum, only for Talos' spirit to awaken in the form of cursed mummy wrappings, which proceed to go on a murder spree throughout London. With a complex plot and a lot of nineties moxie, the film is jumbled but charming.
  1. S2E8: Tale of the Mummy
  2. S2E7: The Deaths of Ian Stone
  3. S2E6: American Werewolf in London
  4. S2 E5: Reign of Fire
  5. S2E4: 28 Weeks Later

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