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Edited Volumes

FORTHCOMING: “The Living and Dead Body in Foucault’s Clinical Gaze” in Lacanian and Foucauldian Approaches to the Body. eds. Eric Daffron and Becky McLaughlin. (McFarland and Company, 2020)

“‘Cookie in her Casket’ as a response to the Medical Death” in And Death Shall Have Dominion: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Dying, Caregivers, Death, Mourning, and the Bereaved, eds. K. Malecka and R. Gibbs. (Interdisciplinary Press, e-book, 2015) 

Articles, Essays, & Reviews

“Beauty and Alienation in Medical Photography”. Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine 41.2 (October 2018)

“Morell, Abelardo” in Grove Art Online (March 2018)

Visible Care: Nan Goldin and Andres Serrano’s Post-mortem Photography. Doctoral thesis (Birkbeck, University of London: 2016)

“Family Expressions of Pain in Postmortem Portraiture”. Studies in Visual Arts and Communication: An International Journal 2.1 (2015)

“The Faceless Portrait: Anonymity and Identity in Andres Serrano’s The Morgue”. HARTS & Minds 1.3, (February 2014)

“Family Ties: Reframing Memory”. Photomonitor (31 August, 2014)

“Review: History is Not Mine at the Paradise Row Gallery”. Ayyam Projects. (April 2013)

The Last of the Dictionary Men: A Beautiful History, Protracted”. Ayyam Projects. (March 2013).

“Mourning in Absent Memorials”. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 2.13, (2012)

“Review: Frith Street Gallery ‘Low Relief'” Avalanche Online. (March 2009)

“The Iconography of the Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus”. JURO: Journal for Undergraduate Research (2006)

*Please note that I have published under my previous married name (Lauren Summersgill) and my maiden name (Lauren Sapikowski)*

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