“Listen: The Sound of Fear” Out Now

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I am very happy to have my horror short story “Exhibition” in Nine Star Press’ latest horror Anthology Listen: The Sound of Fear

A knocking. A ringing. A steady drip-drip-drip. These are the sounds that haunt us. Drive us mad. Draw us in like the songs of sirens, hypnotic and deadly. And we must either give in, or resist with everything we have…and hope it’s enough.

Listen The Sound of Fear (Nine Star Press)

There are a wide variety of spooky and horrific stories just in time for Halloween including my own, in which a performance artist inspired by the inhumane treatment of refugees finds her gallery transformed into an equally inhospitable environment. Trapped inside the confines of her Plexiglas box, she struggles to piece together what is happening—and how to keep herself alive.

It’s one of many creepy and eerie stories I have coming out in the run up to Halloween, and I hope you find it sends a few chills don’t your spine!

Thanks for Reading, Lauren