Talking Crouch End, Death Lines and London Horror with”The Constant Reader”

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What would October be without someone talking about Stephen King’s stories and movies – this time it’s me!

It was very exciting, and great fun, to visit The Constant Reader podcast to talk with Richard about King’s fascinating short story “Crouch End” as well as London horror more generally and my upcoming book Death Lines: Walking London’s Horror History. To tantalise you here is the description straight from TCR:

In this episode we venture into Stephen King’s rare excursions outside the United States, and revisit the short story Crouch End. Originally part of the Nightmares and Dreamscapes collection, this homage to Lovecraft and hate letter to London is a fan favourite. Based on his experiences living in London and writing the Talisman with the late, great Peter Straub, this story still has the power to chill the blood.