New Episode: London Horror Movie Club

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Episode 6 of The London Horror Movie Club is out now!

In horror a character on the underground can be like a rat in a maze: lost, confounded, and inevitably trapped. We’ve seen it in other episodes, but perhaps the most intensely shot example is in John Landis’ American Werewolf in London.

This 1981 comedy horror is a classic. It won an academy award for Best Makeup and took home Saturn Awards for Best Horror Film and Best Makeup and it has even been adapted into a radio programme on BBC 1 Radio. Heck, Edgar Wright has sighted it as a major influence on Shaun of the Dead. You probably have seen this movie before, but I encourage you to watch it again, not just because it’s an amazing film but because it created one of the most claustrophobic chase scenes in cinematic history where a lone passenger on Tottenham Court Road station tries to outrun the werewolf, and the underground doesn’t seem to be on his side.

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