Interviewing Special Effects artist Jay Lowe

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This month The London Horror Movie Club got to step into the fascinating world of special effects with indie SFX artist Jay Lowe. In this captivating podcast interview, we got to meet some of his incredible creations, from animated skulls to surreal creatures, and learn what inspired them. As a life-long horror fan, Jay also shares his top recommendations of hidden gem movies you won’t want to miss and some of the effects that blew his mind. Tune in for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the magic of special effects artistry:


I always try to pick a section of the interview that was my favourite, but there were too many good visuals for this one (definitely worth watching this one on YouTube), so I’m leaving you with a still instead showing one of his creations for The Witches of the Sands:

Of course, if you want to listen on another platform The London Horror Movie Club is available on most casting sites, including the links below: