A Vampire Behind-the-Scenes: Making of “Witches of the Sands”

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By now, you all must be familiar with The Witches of the Sands – our podcast guests consistently say they are looking forward to it and I’ve been on set a handful of times. Last week was the latest in the wild and crazy ride that is TWoTS and I got to have another dream come true: I got to be a vampire!

Unit Still by David Ince

Makeup was obviously the heavy-hitter for this scene and the MUA Tequila Carter was amazing to work with. She spent a lot of time working on bruising all over my hands and neck and chest to make it look like a body that had been through a lot – a very beaten vampire but also one that was snake-like with long talons for fingernails and the amazing teeth supplied by the director. Believe it or not – this took only about an hour.

A fun lesson for me was that there are many different kinds of movie blood! They are different consistencies and dry at different lengths, so I had blood on my that stood still no matter what I did, blood that dripped for a few minutes, and blood that was thick and oozy but not sticky.

This was another amazing experience for me and I got the chance to be a feral vampire chained to a knight in shining armour, so you can’t get more classically horror than that. I hope it entices you to check out the film and to see the upcoming Preview of The Withces of the Sands at this year’s DARKFEST!