About Lauren

Horror Writer, Walking Guide, Fan

It either started with Alfred Hitchcock or R.L. Stine. By the time she was ten, she was begging to stay up and watch Hitchcock movies with her parents, and she had two shelves dedicated to Goosebumps.

There was always a place in Lauren’s heart for horror, even when she hit her own horror story. When her brother killed her parents, she was 18. And then everything she loved lost its colour. There was therapy and there was a great deal of support and kindness, amid which Lauren found the university’s Horror Lit class. They read Lovecraft and Poe and Hill and her beloved Shirley Jackson. And they watched Alien, a film she still credits with helping her move on.

It was also the crack through which the floodgates re-opened. She moved beyond Hitchcock, Cushing, Karloff and Price to the wild and wonderful worlds of directors like Tobe Hooper, Gary Sherman, John Landis and (more recently) Edgar Wright.

She watched horror avidly alongside her MA and PhD (both of which focused on the dead body in contemporary art), but it took nearly 8 years of living in London before her research and horror films met. One sunny afternoon, she got fed up trying to find a walk in London where she could visit the many places horror films were shot. It seemed unlikely that no one had a London Horror Film walk, but it was true. So, she started her own.

Researching London horror walks turned into a book, and as she wrote it, horror seemed to sprout out everywhere. Whether recording her podcast, researching her walks, writing short horror fiction, or just chatting horror with anyone who is willing, Lauren has surrounded herself in horror; and she loves it.