I believe there is a horror movie out there for everyone.

I’m a horror writer, horror film fan, podcast host, and occasional London horror walking guide with a PhD in Humanities and Cultural Studies.

I write horror fiction and non-fiction on horror cinema. My work has appeared or is forthcoming in BFS Horizons, Horrified Magazine, and the anthologies Bloody Good Horror, LISTEN, and Superstition.

Why horror, I’ve been asked. Well, why not? Fear is an emotion I feel all the time – if you know me, I’m rather anxious – and I have faced a lot of fears in my life, not least when I lost my parents at eighteen. I found some comfort in horror films amid my grief. In particular, Alien. It reminded me I could survive, and that even when life seems terrifying, you can get through it. I also just love cinema. Especially films that evoke strong emotions, or films that are joyfully silly. And horror does both well.

I’m always happy to engage and collaborate with institutions and have done so with everything from Case Notes, the WI, and The PTI, so if you would like to get in touch please email me at info@laurenjanebarnett.com

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