LHMC Watches: The Limehouse Golem

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The London Horror Movie Club is back and all video!

This month Chris and I watch the 2017 gothic “The Limehouse Golem” in which Inspector John Kildare’s investigation of a serial killer in Linehouse leads him to the trail of Lizzie Cree, an actress accused of poisoning her husband. The film had a high budget with a stellar cast including ⁠Olivia Cooke⁠⁠Bill Nighy⁠ and ⁠Douglas Booth⁠, but did it impress or can this film – like the golem – slip away unseen?


We also talked about some other movies that we watched this month – in particular the recent release of Renfield starring Nicholas Hoult,  Nicolas Cage Ben Schwartz, and Awkwafina. While we are usually watching films that have been out for a while, or at least a year or two, it was fun to talk about one still in the theatres; and if you are curious what we thought, check it out!

Of course, if you want to listen on another platform The London Horror Movie Club is available on most casting sites, including the links below: