Two weeks until PTI Summer Art Enrichment

I am very excited to be back in person for this summer’s Prince’s Trust Institute Summer Art Enrichment on 2 July in Cambridge. There are a great collection of talks on the day, including mine on Reconsidering Medical Photography for the classroom: We already know that photographs are not objective, but in medicine they were … Continue reading Two weeks until PTI Summer Art Enrichment


I have loved London. I’ve lived here for a total of ten years now, given dozens of horror walks throughout it’s various neighbourhoods, I got my MA and my PhD here. But, life and time move on and I am excited to say that mean’s I’ll be moving too! I’m excited to be moving up … Continue reading Moving

Autumn 2018

Moving into autumn, I am happy to look back on a productive and quiet summer of writing and researching.   In June my first poem was published in Door=Jar Magazine (Issue 7), and my ‘Beauty and Alienation in Medical Photography” paper came out in Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine.  I also have done some peer-review work with Mortality journal.  … Continue reading Autumn 2018