Two weeks until PTI Summer Art Enrichment

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I am very excited to be back in person for this summer’s Prince’s Trust Institute Summer Art Enrichment on 2 July in Cambridge.

There are a great collection of talks on the day, including mine on Reconsidering Medical Photography for the classroom:

We already know that photographs are not objective, but in medicine they were once thought to be.  In fact, the history of medical photography is a history of trying to remove subjectivity from photography and develop it as a science.  By exploring the history of medical photography and how artists have reclaimed it, this talk will reveal the fascinating history of identity and truth in medical images. In the last part of the session, participants will have the opportunity to recreate some of the artistic interventions discussed in the lecture and consider ways to bring these concepts into the classroom.

There are still spaces and some bursaries left – I hope we will see you there!