Two weeks until PTI Summer Art Enrichment

I am very excited to be back in person for this summer’s Prince’s Trust Institute Summer Art Enrichment on 2 July in Cambridge. There are a great collection of talks on the day, including mine on Reconsidering Medical Photography for the classroom: We already know that photographs are not objective, but in medicine they were … Continue reading Two weeks until PTI Summer Art Enrichment

Truth in Portraiture: Nairn Book & Arts Festival

Thank you to everyone who came to the Nairn Book & Arts Festival this year. I always enjoy this festival, and find some of the most engaging audiences. This year I was considering the narrative of ‘truth’ and authentic identity across the history of portraiture. We had some really fantastic discussion and looked at portraits … Continue reading Truth in Portraiture: Nairn Book & Arts Festival

PTI Summer session: Rethinking Medical Photography for the classroom

This weekend I led a session at the Princes Trust Institute Art Enrichment Residential on Rethinking Medical Photography. It’s always a fantastic experience to work with the PTI, because you get to work with teachers and consider how to get students engaged at all different year levels in the history of art.

Autumn 2018

Moving into autumn, I am happy to look back on a productive and quiet summer of writing and researching.   In June my first poem was published in Door=Jar Magazine (Issue 7), and my ‘Beauty and Alienation in Medical Photography” paper came out in Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine.  I also have done some peer-review work with Mortality journal.  … Continue reading Autumn 2018