LHMC Watches: Secret Window

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In honour of the 4th of July Chris selected an American movie that I have never seen. And he picked one that suits me, because it’s all about a horror writer who has gone a bit bonkers.

That’s right it is the 2004 Stephen King adaptation Secret Window. Starring Johnny Depp and John Turturro,supported by Timothy Hutton and Maria Bello, it was also written and directed by David Koepp, and includes a musical score by Philip Glass and Geoff Zanelli. In other words, it is as star-studded and talent-filled as a horror movie can get.

The film follows Depp’s Mort, a horror writer who is getting divorced and caught in writer’s block wallowing away in a cabin Upstate until a Missouri man names John Shooter shows up to his cabin and insists that Mort stole a story from him. Eerie and Creepy in turn, there is a lot to like about the psychological twists and turns of this film, and it is also quintessentially American, right down to the adorable town with a friendly sheriff.


In this episode, I became obsessed with trying to understand why corn is in so many horror movies. Yes, Corn! It features in Secret Window, and other films like Children of the Corn, Signs, Escape the Field, and as we talked Chris pointed out it was recently also in Scary Stories We Tell in the Dark. Listen in to hear what Chris’ take is and to join in the overall discussion of our favorite moments, our drink pairing, and those little things that make a movie stick with you.

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