New LHMC Episode: Alfred Hitchock’s “Frenzy”

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New Episode Out Today!

My big brother Chris has never seen a Hitchcock film all the way through, so this month he chose one of the famous director’s lesser-known London films, Frenzy. It’s the story of Dick Blaney (Jon Finch), a grumpy barman who has a very bad week, leading to him becoming the chief – and only – suspect in the Necktie serial killings. With the help of his girlfriend Babs (Anna Massey) and his friend Bob (Barry Foster) he tries to avoid being hanged for the murder of several women, including his ex-wife.

This was famously Hitchock’s most violent film, and styled as his triumphant return to London after twenty years of filmmaking; but was it enough to grab our attention and become a London Horror classic? Or has it put Chris off ever watching another Hitchcock? Listen to find out.

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