Season 2 Out Now: London Horror Movie Club

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The Podcast is back with Season Two of The London Horror Movie Club. This season’s theme is Terror on the Tube, featuring films with horror set on the London Underground. Tunneling beneath the ever-growing city lonely commuters have fought for their lives or been hunted by werewolves; expansions on the underground have uncovered dragons; and the deep recesses of the underground have spawned human monsters.

We will go through all of the cult classics, popular horror films, and even a few hidden gems buried beneath the surface. Ranging from Hammer’s 1967 hit Quatermass and the Pit to the climax of the 2007 horror sequel 28 Weeks Later, the London Underground has been home to a variety of horror film sequences, and even the setting for entire films, like the 2004 Creep. Dive down with us to see what lies beneath.