Inspiring Interview with Tom Lee Rutter on LHMC

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The latest episode of the London Horror Movie Club is perfect for Halloween!

Settle in for a chinwag with the indie horror director/writer and actor, Tom Lee Rutter. In this episode, we’re diving headfirst into Tom’s quaint and creepy world of filmmaking. We talk his career, his all-time favorite flicks (prepare for some original choices), and his childhood love of horror. All amid learning about his latest brainchild, “The Pocket Film of Superstitions.”

If you’re a fan of indie flicks, or just fancy a laugh with a man with a knack for making wild and unique movies, this is the interview for you. Grab a pint, put your feet up, and join the fun with Tom, courtesy of us at the London Horror Movie Club.


Tom’s interview was unexpectedly one of the most inspiring I’ve had on filmmaking. He brings out the best in filmmaking, with its beautiful moments of creation, the will and power of editing and the joy of making mistakes and making things you love. If you don’t want to be a filmmaker, you might after hearing him.

Tom also gives us his perfect Halloween movie suggestions and you can find out what Chris and I will be watching – between the three of us there is a pretty huge range.  I wonder what you will be watching?

You can listen using the link above or your favourite platforms: YouTube; Spotify; Apple Podcasts, etc.