A few spots left at London Fortean Society

If you are a fan of British Horror or a fan of Foreana, there are a few tickets left for a great double bill of British Horror cinema at the London Fortean Society November 2nd.

Three writers on London and British horror – including myself – will be at the Amersham Arms looking at the city’s dark cinematic streets and how film transformed familiar British landscapes into spaces of terror.

Darrell Buxton and Jennifer Wallis – Offbeat: British Cinema’s Curiosities, Obscurities and Forgotten Gems

Offbeat contributors Darrell Buxton and Jennifer Wallis will be discussing some of Britain’s lesser-known cult films and their often-horrific depictions of mental healthcare and family relationships. From Twisted Nerve to Killer’s Moon, and from Amicus’s Asylum to Pete Walker’s Frightmare, we’ll see how British film between the 1960s and 1980s tackled some of the country’s thorniest issues, in the process transforming familiar British landscapes into spaces of terror.

Lauren Jane Barnett – Death Lines: London’s Horror Film History 

I will unearth the literature, legends, and history behind horror classics including Peeping Tom and An American Werewolf in London, and lesser-known works such as mind-control melodrama The SorcerersGorgo, Britain’s answer to Godzilla; tube terror Death Line; and Bela Lugosi’s mesmeric vehicle The Dark Eyes of London

Tinged with humor, social critique, and more than a few scares, her book Death Lines delights in revealing the hidden and often surprising relationship between London and the dark cinematic visions it has evoked. 

Whether read on the streets or from the comfort of the grave, Death Lines is a treat for all cinephiles, horror fans, and lovers of London lore.

Tickets are available online and pre-booking is encouraged as there are only a handful left!

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