Death Lines Cover preview

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It is an unbelievable privilege (pinch me I’m dreaming!) to share the cover of my upcoming book Death Lines with you all.

Since I first found out it would be illustrated by Graham Humphreys I have been bursting to tell everyone. I remember first seeing his work with the 1980s British horror Dream Deamon and then coming across his work with Evil Dead II and the poster for American Werewolf in London. He has done many striking albums and book covers, – in fact, I can see a few on my bookshelves – but for me, he is the star of horror film posters. He has done artwork for some of the films in this book and it is like a dream come true that he did the cover.

I love so many things about this, but I am curious see how many films you spot and moments you recognise:

Coming out 2022 Strange Attractor Press. Cover by Graham Humphreys