A Year in Horror Guest spot

Out today is the latest episode of the podcast A Year in Horror and I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to do a little guest spot on a great London horror film: The Conjuring 2.

For London horror fans, you probably know that the paranormal case at the heart of The Conjuring 2 was inspired by the famous Enfiled poltergeist, a spirit that famously haunted two girls in the London suburb of Enfield in the 1970s. In the podcast, I compare the real case to the story of the film and have a look at the way London shaped the horror of the story.

In Part One of the 2016 episode, host Paul Weller also looks at stand out films like Train to Busan, The Autopsy of Jane Doe, and 10 Cloverfield Lane, but my favourite part of his podcast is when he does an overview of what he sees as the worst horror films that came out that year. I always find a bit of fun in hearing the worst films because I am a softie and find something to love in almost every horror, but he is so good at narrowing in on what makes horror work, and what goes wrong when it doesn’t.

You can also catch the podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Happy Listening!

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