Upcoming: London Month of the Dead

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A treat for all cinephiles, horror fans, and lovers of London lore as I take you through the capital’s role in the evolution of horror cinema, inspired by the city’s dark histories, labyrinthine architectures, atmospheric streetscapes, and uncanny denizens. In this illustrated talk, Lauren will unmask the chilling stories founded in Chelsea, Notting Hill, Westminster, Bloomsbury, Covent Garden, and the East End, along the haunted banks of the river Thames, and down into the depths of the London Underground railway.

Join me as I weave together London’s tales and take you to magnificent, eerie, and sometimes disconcertingly ordinary corners of the city, unearthing the literature, legends, and history behind classics like Peeping Tom and An American Werewolf in London, and lesser-known works, such as mind-control melodrama The Sorcerers; Gorgo, Britain’s answer to Godzilla; tube terror Death Line; and Bela Lugosi’s mesmeric vehicle The Dark Eyes of London. Tinged with humour, social critique, and more than a few scares, Death Lines will reveal the hidden and often surprising relationship between the city and the dark cinematic visions it has evoked.

October 24th, Dissenter’s Chapel. Get Tickets Here!

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