Photo by Isabella Cuan

Lauren Jane Barnett is a writer, lecturer and London horror film walking guide. Her first book – Death Lines: Walking London’s Horror History – is coming out with Strange Attractor Press in October 2021.

She is, at heart, a horror writer. In addition to her upcoming book – and accompanying podcast – she writes articles about London’s horror cinema, and had her first horror short story published in BFS Horizons. She has previously written on the visual representation of death including the recent anthology Lacanian and Foucauldian Approaches to the Body. See “Writing” for a full list of her work.

In addition to writing about horror, Lauren established the original London horror guided walks, and is in the process of creating audio guides with London Month of the Dead and the upcoming app Placecloud. You can also catch her in person as she lectures across the UK, including work with the Princes Trust Institute, the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh, and the WI.