Guided Horror Walks

“You were fab! We’d all happily recommend your walk”

– @iconicbelgravia

Love cinema? Always looking for hidden gems or secret stories in London? Love horror films? A guided walk is an ideal way to enjoy London in all it’s cinematic and horrific glory.

Join me for a walk through the streets of London unveiling horror films that have made use of the city’s architecture, mythology, and history. We will explore what makes London an iconic location for horror and perhaps introduce you to some new streets of London and horror films you may not have seen.

My walks are no longer than 2.5 miles and last between 1.5 and 2 hours. I have listed below the current season’s walks, but I do add special walks throughout the year, so come back and check in! If you have questions or wish to book, please do so through my contact page.

Current Walks

Chills of Chelsea
The glistening shops of King’s Road may not seem like the ideal place for a horror film, and yet the streets of Chelsea have been home to Christopher Lee’s Dracula, the Shakespearian murder-spree of Vincent Price, a Jekyll and Hyde story and even London’s version of Godzilla.  Over this two-mile walk, we will discover what is so scary about Chelsea.  

“I had no idea there was so much Horror in Chelsea. Thanks for the fantastic walk.”

– @aclharrington

Terror on the Thames
The Thames is the entryway to London, offering trade and transportation. But for horror directors, the river also hides and reveals the terrible acts of London’s villains. Join me on an exploration of over eighty years of London horror cinema from Hitchcock to Boyle, and discover how horror films have turned popular tourist sites into horror icons.

Heart of London Horror
A lone man walks through the heart of London only to be met with deserted streets, passing by some of London’s most iconic tourist attractions: the Houses of Parliament, the Mall and Piccadilly Circus. This walk was made famous by Danny Boyle in his 2002 horror film 28 Days Later, but this was not the first horror film to take this path.  As we retrace Jim’s famous walk we will uncover why and how London became one of the most filmed cities in horror.