Guided Horror Walks

“You were fab! We’d all happily recommend your walk”

– @iconicbelgravia

Love cinema? Looking for hidden gems or secret stories in London? Love horror films?  A guided walk is an ideal way to enjoy London in all its cinematic and horrific glory. 

My walks are no longer than 2.5 miles and last between 1.5 and 2 hours. I have listed below the current season’s walks, but I do add special walks throughout the year, so come back and check in!  Get in touch if you have any questions or wish to book.

Current Walks

Horrors of Holland Park and Notting Hill

Notting Hill is the picturesque setting of one of Richard Curtis’ most adored romantic comedies, but behind the coloured doors lie the ghosts of the past. Over 2 hours we will discover a mansion inhabited by a possessed young woman who has lured a grieving mother into her care, the ghost of a young girl who plays with the living, the true horrors of Christie at 10 Rillington Place and follow the Ghosts and dream demons to Notting Hill Gate.  

Chills of Chelsea

The glistening shops of King’s Road may not seem like the ideal place for a horror film, and yet the streets of Chelsea have been home to Christopher Lee’s Dracula, the Shakespearian murder-spree of Vincent Price, a Jekyll and Hyde story and even London’s version of Godzilla.  Over this 1.5 hour walk, we will discover what is so scary about Chelsea. 

I had no idea there was so much Horror in Chelsea. Thanks for the fantastic walk.


Screams of Soho

When Alfred Hitchcock returned to London to make one of his last horror films, he settled the film almost entirely in Covent Garden.  Soho was never far from the eerie with its neon lit nightclubs and seedy underbelly, so it is no surprise this area is the centre of London occult on film. Some of the greatest horror films made in Britain are set here, and over the course of two hours I will show you why this area is an ideal home for horror.

Great guide, great location. A great walk.

Bastian (Berlin)

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