LHMC Watches: American Werewolf in London

London Horror Movie Club watches “American Werewolf In London” – the classic comedy horror directed by John Landis and beloved by horror fans and directors. 

A clever, modern werewolf film starring David Naughton, Griffin Dunne, and Jenny Agutter, this is a classic so very well known, but Chris and I take a chance to go through our favourite bits, things that didn’t make sense, best one-liners, the way Landis uses London and even attempt to cast a reboot.

“Tales of Fear” Anthology Out Now

“Being afraid of something is different from paranoia. I’m not afraid of traveling on the underground, but when I am there, fear rides along beside me.” So begins my latest short story Needle. If you are intrigued, you can read the full story in Tales of Fear, Superstition, and Doom, the newest anthology from Redwood … Continue reading “Tales of Fear” Anthology Out Now

The London Horror Movie Club Watches “Cockneys vs Zombies”

This month Chris and I watched the 2012 “Cockneys vs Zombies” an East End/Shaun of the Dead/Bank Heist comedy mashup starring Alan Ford,  Matthias Hoene, Rasmus Hardiker. Two brothers in East London rob a bank to save their grandad’s retirement home, only to cross paths with a horde of zombies released from a nearby plague pit (by the very company that’s trying to take the retirement home!).

Talk Online: Ancient Powers, Rituals and the Occult in the Horror Movies of Bloomsbury

A journey into the horror films inspired by Bloomsbury, an area once called the nexus of occultism in London. Whether the Druidic curse cast on Dana Andrews, Charlton Heston performing ancient Egyptian rituals in the British Museum, or the Masonic undertones of Jack the Ripper, the stories of London horror cinema have long been under … Continue reading Talk Online: Ancient Powers, Rituals and the Occult in the Horror Movies of Bloomsbury

“Death Lines” is Out Now

Death Lines: Walking London’s Horror History is shipping now with Strange Attractor Press in the UK, and shortly through MIT Press in the US. Orders through the Strange Attractor Press web store will include a set of 8 postcard maps drawn by Natalie Kay-Thatcher, while stocks last! The first walking guide to London’s role in … Continue reading “Death Lines” is Out Now