Summer 2019 Update

This spring and summer has been incredibly busy so I am putting several updates all in one place for you. First, coming up I am very exited to lead a session with Elmaz Soyal at the Princes Trust Institute Art Enrichment Residential in Downing College, Cambridge. If you are a teacher in the arts in the UK, the PTI Enrichment summer residential is a wonderful programme, and there are many opportunities for funding, so do have a look at their link.

Though I am a writer I’ve always enjoyed teaching and it is a real honour to have worked with the PTI over the past year. Every session is really engaging and fun, you are surrounded by other people who are passionate about teaching. It is so rewarding and truly special.

Second, I launched my horror walks in March, and it has been great fun sharing horror film history with so many people! On my most recent walk I was nervous and lucky enough to have an international walks guide from Germany come along. It was great to share hidden spots in London that I love. I’m excited to say that as of today I’ve rotated the walks on offer which includes a walk through the Notting Hill area, so if you are interested in enjoying a walk this summer, please hop over to my Guided Walks page and have a look. Summer is an amazing time to explore the city, and a few tales of terror!

Speaking of horror, I am pleased to say my upcoming Horror Book is in the hands of a very capable editor for the summer, so hopefully I will be able to share some official news with you soon. I know I have been secretive about it, but it is my first monograph so I’m not wanting to jinx anything. What I can say is that I love this book and I think it will be really exciting and enjoyable for all.

In the meantime I am contributing to a book on Foucault, Lacan and the Body which is coming out in 2020. This is a more academic book than a popular non-fiction, with a focus on how these theorists uniquely reconsider how we relate to and understand the human body. I will keep you updated in the meantime and hopefully offer a snippet on my website.

Have a marvellous summer everyone!

Author: LJ Barnett

Writer, Speaker, Art Historian